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Now I'm nuts about nuts (but I wasn't always!)

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

I didn’t think I liked nuts until just a few years ago. As a child, we mostly just had Peanuts in the house, and I wasn’t a fan. I’m still not a fan. I make peanut butter for my mum in my beloved Thermomix, and apart from a quick taste to check the consistency, I still don’t particularly like it. So I understand when people tell me that they don’t like nuts. Most of my clients have said they don’t like nuts and I have managed to convert a few with my tips, so hear me out!

I am going to share with you, how I came to love them, and manage to get them into my diet almost every day, and why they are so important and very good for you!

It started when I read that Brazil nuts are very high in selenium (something that most people need more of, but me especially as I have had lifelong thyroid disease, and no longer have a thyroid at all, and Selenium is a crucial nutrient that effects many things, including thyroid function!) and just two Brazils a day can provide your recommended daily intake (RDI) of Selenium. So I thought I would give them a shot, and to my surprise I really enjoyed them. I had always liked pistachios and macadamias, but now with my new-found appreciation of Brazil nuts and what a powerhouse of nutritional awesomeness they are, I was keen to try some other nuts as well.

So I started to try them all, and include them more and more in my daily habits. I developed a tasty mixture of nuts, seeds and dried fruit, and it has become a favourite in my house! To make a fruit and nut mix like mine, purchase a raw and unsalted selection of nuts, such as almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, brazils, pistachios, macadamias, peanuts, mix them with seeds like pepitas and sunflower seeds and throw in some dried fruit. I love dried cherries, dried golden berries, and goji berries. The tart but sweetness that the dried fruits provide, offset the savoury of the nuts, and its such a delightful mixture. It’s very easy to get a bit carried away with how moreish this combination can be, so if you are worried about consuming too much in one sitting, I recommend portioning out the amount you want, before you start!!

I often throw a handful of cashews or almonds in right at the end when I am cooking a curry, I regularly put half a cup of macadamias on my roast veggies, 10 minutes from the finish line – totally delicious. I also love granola made with nuts and seeds. There are some excellent ones on the market, or you can make your own very easily!

Why should we care about nuts and seeds so much?? Read on to find out!

Almonds are high in Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, and are an excellent source of dietary fibre and protein.

Cashews contain magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B6, and a lovely dose of healthy fats.

Hazelnuts provide Vitamin C, B6, Iron and Magnesium, and are a great source of fibre and protein.

Walnuts have potassium and magnesium, iron and B6, and are a fantastic brain food (they look like a brain, even!)

Peanuts are high in protein and fibre, contain potassium, iron and magnesium and are super good for you.

These are just some examples of how nuts are extremely good for you, and when included in the daily diet, can provide excellent nutrition, healthy fats, fibre and protein.

If you have any nut allergy, it is important to consult with your Doctor before trying any other nuts. This is not intended as a health recommendation for everyone, please use your own judgement.

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