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Naturopath - your personal health detective!

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

To be honest, if I had known in advance just how full-on my Naturopathic study was going to be, I probably would not have signed up. During my 3 years of study, I nearly threw in the towel more times than I can remember. There were days where I felt like crying, and there were others that totally blew my mind - in a good way. Luckily the mind blowing days outnumbered the crying days, and I was able to see the bigger picture, which is that being a Naturopath is very much like being a Detective.

When you first sit down in a Naturopathic Initial Consultation, there will be an extensive list of questions that your practitioner will want to ask you. They will include family history, your own health history, what you eat, what you do for fun, where you work, and a bunch of other questions. All of the answers to these questions are not unlike puzzle pieces.

Some may provide big clues to the underlying causes of health problems you may have, and others may seem irrelevant - to you. But each and every little detail may hold answers, or might give hints to what may be in your future.

Some Naturopaths (including me) also use a very cool tool called Iridology.

Iridology is the study of the patterns and shapes seen in the Iris of your eyes, and depending on the features and their placement in the Iris, may hold vital clues into health issues, patterns and history of the patient. Its a huge field of study, which I found very enjoyable and fascinating. I am available for Iridology only consultations, and you can book one here.

So what happens once we have found out everything we want to know about you and your health?

Well. Sometimes its necessary to have some tests done, to prove or disprove theories. These could include blood tests, hair mineral testing (which is way cool!), urine, saliva, stool or breath testing...But they often aren't necessary, and would be totally optional. With or without testing, you may receive suggestions for how to tweak (or even completely change) your diet, to improve your health and wellbeing. You may be given a prescription which could include various supplements and vitamins or minerals. Naturopaths are qualified to prescribe and dispense Herbal remedies, which may come in one of several forms, but most likely as a liquid to be taken like medicine. We will talk to you about ways to help reduce the effects of the things that cause stress in your life. We will discuss strategies to help you sleep more soundly. Naturopathy is such a huge field of expertise, but most importantly, and what sets us apart from the usual Health care professionals you will come across, is that we have the time and want to listen. And we will HEAR you.

Naturopathy considers everything about YOU. We work Holistically, meaning whole....the whole of you. We look for the causes of your health problems, not just treating the symptoms that you are aware of and that bother you on a daily basis.

Everything is connected, one way or the other, and given the chance and the time, we will do our very best to find out how they are connected, and get to the root of the problem.

If this way of thinking appeals to you, please get in touch with me. I am happy to talk to you via Skype if we cannot meet in person. We can have a chat on the phone or by email first and see how we get along...but I assure you I'm super friendly, and I just want to help you :)

Namaste x

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