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Headaches are the worst...

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Sometimes, headaches seem to happen for no apparent reason. If you have been to the doctor and ruled out anything suspicious, here are a few ideas you can try to help tackle the headache naturally!

I get them quite often. Sometimes it's too much screen time. Sometimes, I have been crocheting in a silly position. Sometimes I am dehydrated, and sometimes I can't put my finger on why it's happening. We can't always pinpoint the why, and that makes it seem even worse!

I get a regular Chiropractic adjustment, which most definitely helps me. Recently I have had personal success eradicating regular headaches with Myopractic treatment - get in touch if you would like me to recommend practitioners I use. I also wear glasses for screen time and reading, which is also excellent for me. If you haven't tried Chiro, Myo and optical to help you with headaches, I totally recommend giving them a go. There is nothing to lose, even if they aren't the solution to your headache of a problem!

It's not always convenient to pop out for new glasses or to get an adjustment, so what can you do at home? Before you reach for the paracetamol, try these ideas.

Drink a glass of cold water (or two!). You could be dehydrated, which can cause shrinkage of the brain tissues due to a lack of fluids which results in pain. Studies have shown that intake of water can decrease headache pain. Read more Here.

Take a dose of Magnesium in powder or tablet form, spray magnesium oil onto the back of your neck, or take a magnesium/epsom salts bath. If you're not sure which Magnesium type (there are many!) is suitable for you, contact me for more information.

Magnesium has been shown to reduce symptoms of headache and migraine over and again in clinical trials, but selecting the right magnesium for you, can be tricky. Supermarket brands are often low dose or highly laxative. I can help you choose the right one!

Use essential oils (in a carrier oil) on the back of your neck. Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint and Chamomile have all been used for many decades in the treatment of headaches. I also like to use a therapeutic cream or gel like Zen or Fisiocream (think deep heat, only natural and not packed with harmful chemicals).

Wash your hair! I know this one sounds obvious, but for me, sometimes I just need some good old hydrotherapy. Let lovely warm water run over your scalp for a while, and wash away the dirt, grime, and other substances that have collected in the hair since it was last washed.

Have a stretch! Get up and move around, rotate your head around gently and stretch your neck, reach down and touch your toes and then slowly rise back up, gently stretching your spine as you move. If you frequently develop headaches in your regular sitting or sleeping position, maybe its time for a new chair/mattress/pillow or to take a look at your posture. You may not realise that the position you are sitting or lying in for long periods of time may be contributing to tension and pain in your spine, neck and head which could cause headaches and other problems!

Regular exercise, especially gentle exercise such as Yoga can be very beneficial in combatting regular headaches.

Less screen time! Turn off the TV, computer or tablet. Put your phone down and give your eyes and brain a rest for a while. Sometimes thats all it takes. Over use of brightly lit screens, headphones with loud music, or sitting still for hours, lost on the internet or in a game could be making you feel worse.

And finally, you may be lacking in essential nutrients and vitamins in your diet, or your digestive system may not be absorbing them adequately from your food.

If you believe your diet is high in fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, healthy oils and fats, and low in sugar, trans fats, alcohol and caffeine, but you still don't feel well and experience headaches regularly, there could be other factors at play. Your liver could be sluggish, you may have hormonal imbalances, and your digestive system could be struggling. I can help you to work all of this out, and put you on track to optimum health.

There are many beautiful herbs that can help you to combat headaches, by improving other areas in the body that may be struggling. Ask me how!

If you are ready to work with me to gain wellness and good health again, then SMS "Call Me" to 0433 280 621 and I will call you back for a no obligation chat, ASAP.

Caroline is a fully qualified Naturopath, a member of the CMA and offers Private Health Rebates. Pre-payment plans are available on request.

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