• Caroline O'Hagan

Get better Zzzzzzzzz's with these hot tips!

For some its easy to fall asleep, but when sleep eludes you, it can be not only frustrating and exhausting but has a powerful knock on effect to your health.

There are many herbs that you can take to help with sleep – valerian, passionflower, hops, kava… although self prescribing is not wise – but there are other things you can do to prepare yourself for sleep and give yourself the best chance to get there. We should be aiming for 8 hours a night – so if you need to be up by 6am, you best be in bed and falling asleep by 10pm!

Here are some tips to help you get better sleep:

1- Less screen time before bed. Your phone probably has a blue light filter in the display settings (mine has a timer so it comes on at the same time each day and you can set and forget!) – putting that on helps to reduce the impact that the light from the screen has on your brain, and lets it know that it is night time after all and its time to prepare for sleep. If you use your phone as an alarm clock......buy an alarm clock and charge your phone elsewhere overnight. If playing with your phone is a habit or way too tempting when you can't fall straight to sleep, then remove the source of the temptation!

Wearing a smart watch to bed can be really disruptive too, so rather than worrying about sleep tracking on your watch, give yourself a better chance of actually sleeping by not wearing it! The light from the screen can disturb you, even when you're already asleep!

2. Get Comfy - or comfier! Time for new pillows? Time for a new matress? If you’re waking sore in the mornings, then maybe you aren’t sleeping on the right stuff. If your mattress is more than 10 years old, it's time. And pillows should be changed once or twice a year. I absolutely adore my Chiroflow water pillow...you can buy yours here! (I am not affiliated - just a big fan!)

3. Gastric clearance – no food 3 hours before bed! If your stomach is still emptying its contents and digestive enzymes are still sloshing around in there, you are less likely to be able to fall asleep because your nervous system is still dealing with the business of digesting, and can't switch over to resting. If you are aiming to be in bed by 10pm, then your evening meal should be no later than 6.45pm! No snacks after dinner will help with weight loss too!

4. No Caffeine! Seems like a no-brainer but switch out tea or coffee for Chamomile tea – it will help to relax you and tastes beautiful. You could also try green chai or turmeric golden milk before bed. My fave recipe is here. If caffeine effects you especially, then try and avoid it after 3pm altogether!

5. The liver hour! Pay attention if you repeatedly wake in the night. If you are waking between 1-3am, your liver is overworked and it’s time to consider a detox! There are lots of methods for detoxing your liver and digestive system, so get in touch and we can work together to tailor a plan for you!

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