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A brief history of me!

The morning before my eldest child turned 10, in May 2015, I woke up (it was a sunday) with this unshakeable feeling that I had to go online and find a college and enrol to study Naturopathy. Believe me when I say that I had not given it a single thought until that moment. I am Reiki Master (Level III), and have dabbled with crystal healing and essential oils for decades, but the thought of becoming a legit Healer and Medicine Woman... that basically came out of nowhere.

Wind it back a bit further to the begining of the previous year - 2014 - the magical year that my youngest child started school, and I was happily preparing for most of January, for that delightful day. I had decided that I was going to try my hand at handcrafting gemstone jewellery. I had collected a bunch of supplies, watched lots of youtube videos, and I had a pinterest board of ideas all ready to go. That was me set. I was going to start a business, and make jewellery and it would be glorious. And it was.

You can see what I did, here. I still make it here and there, and I still sell it every few months at a Health and Wellbeing expo that I always attend. But it wasn't enough. I didn't feel that I had reached my potential yet. Sure, it was fun, and I loved being crafty and creative, but I didn't feel like that was something I could do forever. I had more in me, although I had not really thought about what that "more" could be yet.

Wind it back further still to May 2013. The month that I finally had my Thyroid removed. In the previous 20 odd years that I suffered from Thyroid disease, I had had just about every thyroid condition there was (except cancer, thankfully!). The decision to have my broken gland removed, took me a while to come to. To make a long and quite boring story short, I had had Radioactive Iodine treatment twice in my teenage years, to kill off my overactive thyroid. It lay dormant, sulking for a few years, until it reared it ugly head again, but this time with large nodules all over it. Although the (completely horrible and painful) biopsy did not show cancer, the thought of having to have that yukky procedure each year was enough for me to finally say NO! Take it out!!

It was a huge turning point for me in many ways. The blockage in my throat chakra was permanently gone. I could speak up and out. I was able to shut down and shake off those things and people that were no longer right for me. Energetically speaking, it freed me and changed my life. I was finally able to "be", and to admit to myself and everyone else who I was. I was no longer the doormat who couldn't say no. The pushover who let people take advantage of her (although i still do that a bit... I'm a softie and a glutton for punishment!), now I feel that I choose to be taken advantage of, and accept it happily, rather than feeling powerless about it.

In the almost 5 years since the surgery, so much has changed for me, and for my family.

Much of it is to do with the people we have allowed to remain in our lives, but also that we have grown and changed together, and become stronger as a family unit. Where once we looked to outsiders for entertainment, we have learned to enjoy our own company and dialed the social life right down (which is actually quite fabulous!).

I was not "awake" when I said yes to surgery. I gave in, after years of check ups, blood tests, changing medications, endless hours in the specialist waiting rooms of hospitals, and when the specialist finally said that it was crunch time and a permanent solution had to be reached, I just agreed and went along with it. If I had known then what I know now, I may not have made that choice. I don't know. It did feel like I had tried everything - although now I know I had not tried everything, at all!! Too late for that. I can't put it back in. All I can do is manage the situation in the best way I can, and support my body as it struggles to function without its most important gland. You see, the thyroid is quite literally one of the most important parts of the body. Thyroid hormones affect every cell in the body, and without them, you die, a slow and painful death.

If there is ever a Zombie apocalypse, I'm as stuffed as anyone else who relies on medication to stay alive. It's a scary prospect. So is a Zombie apocalypse, to be fair!

So, if you fast forward back to May 2015, where the thought to study and become a Naturopath seemed to come out of nowhere at the time, now seems like maybe it was something that was possibly always bubbling just under the surface and I didn't know it? Maybe my guardian Angels or Spirit Guides gave me messages in my sleep? Whatever happened to make me do it, I am glad it did! While there were times during my study where I quite literally would say "What on earth am I doing!!??", and some days I still have that thought, I also am pretty sure that I was meant to do it. If I can help just one person to not have to make the decisions I did, to permanently effect the rest of their life by opting for surgery, then I will feel like the balance has been restored.

There is almost always something that can be done. Natural Medicine is not a magic bullet. There is no magical cure. You won't lose tons of weight in just a week. Your life long chronic pain/acne/digestion issues won't magically just clear up in a fortnight. But, if you are prepared to put in the time and effort, you can work towards being well, you can live well and be happy, for yourself and for the people who love you.

Today I spoke with someone about their weight gain after Thyroid surgery. I confessed that I totally understood what they were going through, as my weight has gradually increased ever since that day in May 2013 when they whisked my magical busted gland away. At the moment, it is a work in progress, and sadly probably always will be. I am used to it - having always had difficulty with weight, thanks to that silly thyroid. But in the scheme of things, I am well. I have very few other symptoms of hypothyroidism, and by the very definition, I am hypothyroid because I don't have one! Things come up from time to time, but overall I am healthy, which is almost entirely due to supporting my health with Natural Medicine. To me, being healthy and feeling well, is far more important than what the scales say.

If you are faced with potential life changing decisions surrounding your health and lifestyle, but need to talk it through, then I'm your gal!

Call or email me and lets talk :)

Be well,

Namaste x

All images on this page are taken by Me :)

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