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Hair testing for Food Bio-compatability

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If you haven't tried Natural Health options, then you have not tried it all...there are many many treatment options we can work with, and we might not get it right first time, but if you put your trust in me, I will do everything I can to get you back on the path to wellness and good health!

I will take my time with you - appointments are up to 90 minutes long, as we will talk about all aspects of your health, what you eat, how you sleep, what you do to relax...and much more. All this information helps me understand what is going on inside your body, and oftentimes, what modern medicine has failed to help you with. 

Now with EZIDEBIT, you can make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments, and start your Treatment NOW!

Tests available at your expense include Hair testing for Biocompatability with 600 food and household items, Hair Testing for Mineral Analysis, Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Assessment, DUTCH testing, Urinalysis, and many more.

I have a wide range of Packages, or we can tailor one to suit your needs.

Natural Health began for me in the form of crystals and essential oils from a young age. I had my own set of health challenges to deal with, and after 22 years of Thyroid disease in many forms, Radioactive Iodine treatment twice and countless different medications, I made the decision to remove my thyroid. It was very shortly after this that I realised that there had been many more options available to me, I just wasn't aware of them. 

I know now, that if you have not treated yourself holistically, using Natural medicines, nutrition, and self care, then you have not tried everything. 

My hope is that I can help you to avoid making such a drastic choice as I did. Unless your condition is life threatening, you do have options, and I am here to guide you through them. 

Holistic health for the whole family, at any age - it is never too early or too late to make changes and feel better!

Call me on 0433 280 621 and we can discuss your consultation options!

I love my Babies, my Puppies, Dragonfruit, Snuggles, and growing organic fruit, veg and herbs. Nature is an incredible healer, you just have to let her help! x

Caroline O'Hagan
Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

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